The infinite is there to be embraced by those who dare to look up to the stars, and who grasp the multidimensional possibilities that life has to offer:

Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen is one of Germany’s most successful composers, musicians and music producers, with a glittering international reputation. He has sold more than 35 million discs worldwide and been honoured with more than 60 Gold and Platinum awards.

He laid the foundations for fulfilment of his life’s dream in his early youth through hard work and daily practice with his first Berlin bands, which were inspired by the hard rock and glam rock genres of the 70s. As the proud possessor of one of the first, rare Oberheim polyphonic synthesisers, Uwe became a musical pioneer, introducing a revolutionary new sound to pop music. 

He went on to compose the most successful song in the history of German pop music, the anti-war song 99 Luftballons (English version: 99 Red Balloons), which in 1983 was a hit in 52 countries – a unique achievement in German musical culture. The song is still played regularly on American radio and television, in Hollywood films and in commercials and is still today, via every medium, part of the world’s consciousness. 

By his early 20s, Uwe was already exactly where he wanted to be: a rock star on the world’s stages. His career breakthrough came with the legendary pop rock band NENA, with whom he toured the world, and for whom he wrote all the best known NENA hits including Nur geträumt (Just a Dream), 99 Luftballons (99 Balloons), Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann (Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime) and Leuchtturm (Lighthouse).

German fans might still think of him as their pin-up boy from the 80s but, after the NENA band split, Uwe continued to leave his footprint on the international stage, touring Europe with his New York-based glam rock band Voodoo X, and then working as a composer and producer of studio hits with local artists in cities as far afield as Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, Moscow and Singapore.

In his music career Uwe has not only composed numerous chart-topping hits, but has worked successfully internationally in all branches of music from hard rock to pop and world music, from musical theatre to Hollywood film scores (“Igby Goes Down” with 2 Golden Globe nominations and “All the Queen’s Men” by Oscar winning director Stefan Ruzowitzky). In Germany he is also known as a TV presenter and juror of the first music casting show Popstars, with which he was nominated for a BAMBI.

Uwe has a feel for music that transcends time and space, and his writing has a huge emotional range that expands the listener’s horizons and expresses itself in memorable, sweeping melodies – the connecting element of all his compositions in different genres. 

His dedication to such a variety of musical styles, and his collaboration with so many different international artists (from KISS to Justin Timberlake to KODO) has helped define Uwe’s innovative approach – the way he combines musical elements in new and original ways. A quality that has largely been lost in the mainstream music charts of recent years. 

Uwe is currently returning to his creative roots – his passion for rock music (Walhalla Unlimited), synthesizer sounds (New Atlantis Project) and as composer and creative producer of contemporary musicals including Wüstenblume (Desert Flower), scheduled for a premiere in 2020. 

Uwe is currently based in his home city of Berlin, where he lives with his wife Christin and their two daughters.