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The electronic music project “ATLANTIS” began life in the 80s as the soundtrack to the cult TV series “Terra X”. Since 2016 it has acquired fresh vision and impetus as the NEW ATLANTIS PROJECT – the dawn of a new age.

Anchored deep in our collective consciousness is knowledge of a world in which we once lived in harmony. The descendants of the people of Atlantis bequeathed their knowledge for the planet’s future generations, until the traces of that legacy gradually faded. But somewhere deep in our psyche they are preserved, in a place where we seem to remember the whole history of the world.  

The search for the lost city of Atlantis has never let humanity rest. The legend, transcribed as a true story by Plato, tells of the decline and fall of an advanced civilisation, beset by the same problems which place humanity today at a crossroads – making the story of Atlantis more topical than ever.

Powerfully evocative electronic symphonies on the new solo album “NEW ATLANTIS PROJECT” by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen create a new world, in which mankind has gained knowledge, developed and prospered. A Utopian vision of a rescued future, a better world in which humans live in harmony with nature and technology.


Album Release info: Coming soon