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The battle for the fate of mankind has begun!

WALHALLA ULTD. – The Soul of Rock returns.


In a fantastic near-future …
WALHALLA ULTD., the Gods‘ Corporation with Wotan/Odin as its head, promises “Eternal Life”.But NibeTech, a high-tech conglomerate of Nibelung dwarfs led by Alberich, challenges the market leader with the sales pitch “Eternity Now!”

Conflict is inevitable. There will be no quarter – neither from the Gods, nor from the techno dwarfs: A story of blood, revenge, wisdom, betrayal, sex, love and an innocent hero. In the age-old struggle to dominate mankind, the rivals risk the ultimate collateral damage – the end of the world. Is there a plan of genius – or a great love – that can halt the final battle of RAGNARÖK before it’s too late?

The stakes could not be higher!

Read the runes here: www.walhalla-unlimited.com